Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What Day is it?

I'm enjoying my time away from school. Sleeping, painting, watching DVDs, generally taking it easy. I've completed 4 paintings over the last couple of weeks, one of them a commission for Sally & Warren for BBQ Sauce Boy's bedroom! He liked one of my earlier pictures that isn't for sale so I did one in a similar style and in colours to match his newly painted room. He likes it. He is staying with us for a few days while his parents have a bit of time to themselves in the south west, he and Sport Boy get along well; they spent the afternoon at the pool.
THPCFKATH has got himself a job at Quinn's Bakery and has worked three of the last four days and seems to be enjoying it. He surprised me tonght by handing over his ATM card and instructing me not to give it back to him until he's got a thousand dollars in the bank! Good for him. Sadly he didn't give me his PIN as well!

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