Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The End is Nigh

It was back to work today, with a difference. I was one of over 500 people who attended a seminar on Generational Poverty given by a lady called Nairn Walker: it was excellent, confronting, eye-opening and applicable to many work situations.
Today was a public holiday for ANZAC Day so the big crowd was all the more impressive.

Late in the day Kingy rang me to ask if I could cover his shift in the taxi tonight as he was crook so I drove from 5.30 to 10.45. It was fairly quiet but the extra money is handy.

Mrs Holt Press leaves for Adelaide tomorrow, she is going to spend a week with my sister Vicki who has been under-going a comprehensive range of medical treatments for the last few months in order to try and reduce her pain levels and bring her illnesses under control. By all accounts it is working which is great news. Hopefully she and Mrs HP will have a great and therapeutic week together.

In a handy piece of timing, Favourite Daughter is coming home to Busso tomorrow for about a week, just in time to lend a hand with domestic duties!! It will be good to see her.

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