Sunday, April 05, 2009

Adrienne & John

Adrienne and John got married this afternoon and we were privileged to be invited to the wedding.
I lve weddings. They always remind me of our wedding and what a special day that was, and of he vows and promises we made to one another. Even though they are not so fashionable now, weddings are the most joyful and happy celebrations of love and life, surrounded by family and friends, people who are all there to join your celebration and who want the best for you.
I even enjoy the speeches; they come in different styles, some better some worse but I like the gathering together of people and the saying of special things, emotional messages, important words and the mixture of love and humour and memory and hope.
Adrienne's brother Brayden sang a beautiful song which I think is called "The First Day of my Life".
He told me later who the band were who wrote it but I can't remember, although he said it's on one of the Triple J Hottest 100 CDs so I'll have to have a look for it.
As well as the bride and groom and their families, it was also great to spend the day and evening with close friends, the Letches and the Van Wollingens, who along with the Edwards' are all Beach Mission friends.
There was a moment of drama during the ceremony when the bridesmaid could not untie the knots holding the rings to the pageboy's cushion. Eventually I couldn't hold back any longer and stepped in to assist by snapping the ribbon they were tied on with. Always good to be involved!!

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barrandgirl said...

Marcus, yes we were a bit surprised about that win against the Hawks. When you are not expecting too many they are a bit sweeter particularly against the premiers (albeit a bit undermanned). I think I iwill focus on my dream team for most of my thrills this year. I am still learning how it all works but so far it does make the other games a bit more interesting