Friday, April 10, 2009

The Hair is No More

"Tragedy" struck the third Holt Press child this week. He discovered that his much prized dreadlocks had become the home of a family of head lice. A quick look on the net at treatment options convinced him that there was only one option, and off they came!

There he was, the son we remembered, revealed again. Removing the dreads was only the first step in the process of course. Various treatments with local WA product "NitWits" followed, then a trip to the barber before he was given the all clear.

Having head lice sounds unpleasant but it is a pretty common occurrence amongst kids, the school regularly sends home letters to say head lice have been found in someone's hair.

The Hair* of course won't entertain the possibility that the dreadlocks contributed to the problem; his mother and I have a different opinion! Either way we're not sorry to see them go, although I'm resigned to the possibility that they may return!

So,seeing as they were the trademark item by which he got his blog name, I need a new blog name for him. I haven't thought of one yet but when I do you'll be the first to know.

For those who've been anxiously awaiting news of this month's scrabble club results, I'm pleased and proud to declare that the Scrabble King is back on his throne following 3 wins out of 3, the most important of which was against the new lady who beat me last time!

Despite a late scare when she made a 7 letter word with her second last turn, not even the 50 point bonus was enough for her to overhaul my lead and I won 389 to 348!

My practising had paid off!

The school term ended today and the Easter holidays have started. I distributed little Crunchie chocolate eggs to kids as they were leaving school at the end of the day and wished them a safe and happy easter.

This also marks the completion of five years as chaplain at Busselton. The time has gone very quickly; I well remember the decision makng process we went through before making the big move from Perth. I can state without any hesitation that we made the right move and that I love living in Busselton. We are very happy and settled here and have no intention of moving, back to Perth or to anywhere els, regardless of how long I keep working at the school.

I'm grateful to God for leading us here and for the positive impact it has had on all the family.

Talking of family, we're down to one child at the moment, the child formerly known as the Hair.

Sport Boy has gone away on an Easter Camp with church. VTES as gone to Melbourne wih another family to a church conference. The Heir has moved to Perth of course and Favourite Daughter is still up there having done a couple of week's work in her old job at the cafe in Mt Lawley. But, the house is full. Zac W is staying the night and we had a call from FD asking if a couple of her Red Frog friends could stay the night because they couldn't get into the accommodation where they are staying with friends for the weekend. They are asleep now having dutifully watched the football with me tonight!

The good news is the Cats had another win, defeating "bogey team" and universally hated Collingwood by 27 points. It doesn't get much better than that!


Zaac said...

it gets better, it gets better when we cane them comfortably by eighty plus points. i'm not feeling last years confidence this year.. not feeling it at all.

Marcus said...

Early days, significant injuries but we're 3-0 having beaten the premiers and a bogey team. We will get better but in the mean time we're winning without playing or best football, that's the sign of a good team.
Relax and enjoy the ride.