Thursday, April 02, 2009

Skipping Girl Vinegar Meet Sculptures by the Sea

Having been unsuccessful in my attempts to secure a gig in Busso for Chris' band, Skipping Girl Vinegar, I went up to Perth to see them last weekend at the Fly By Night Club in Freo. The day after we met up for lunch at a nice little cafe in Subi then I took them to Cottesloe to see the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition. They enjoyed the day out and some time just to chill, especially as it was a beautiful day in a beautiful place.

Mark the lead singer was particlarly taken with this large pencil sculpture, "Line in the Sand", as the band encourage a return to old school pasttimes such as hand writing letters and writing with pencils. They even sign their autographs in pencil.
Chris and I went for a walk up the beach through this avenue of poles, the final exhibit. It was nice to offer a lttle bit of WA hospitalty and welcome as Chris has hosted two groups of students I've taken to Melbourne in the last couple of years.
On that note, a couple of kids asked me at school today when the Melbourne Footy Trip was on?
I wasn't necessarily planning to run one this year, but if there is sufficient interest I could be persuaded!!
I took four boys up to Bunbury this afternoon to train with the Clontarf squad at Newton Moore.
Tomorrow night I'm taking another kid to a special dinner, with Kevin Sheedy, legendary AFL coach. The kid in question is a bit unengaged at school and getting himself into trouble. This is an attempt to do a bit of bridge building and try and get him moving in the right direction. The tickets are $100! but I managed to get a deal for two for the price of one from the organisers.
I hope the food is good! I'm sure Sheeds will be.

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