Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Time Warp

You know those movies where people switch between time dimensions, jumping back or forward days or years? I think I got caught up in one yesterday.

During the afternoon I drove to the shops with Sport Boy and David Bowie's Young Americans was playing on the radio. It's a good song but you don't hear it very often any more, especially in these PC days when the line "Give me a woman I can sock on the jaw" stirs much disapproval. (One example of PCness that I think is justified.) The song was half way through when I pulled in to the car park and turned off the motor.

Jump forward several hours as Sport Boy and I again set off in the car, this time in search of Comet McNaught. I turned on the car and the radio burst into song, half way through David Bowie's Young Americans! I kid you not!

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