Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mission Complete

Beach mission is over for another year. The rain, courtesy of a cyclone passing through Albany and Esperance, lasted about 36 hours but we ended up staying (stuck!) in the marquee all week instead of moving down to the riverside. It was a very busy week, too busy we realised when we sat down to review it, therefore we're making significant changes next year that will see us space out the activities a lot more, avoid doing too much on any one day, and build in time for meeting and getting to know people rather than rushing from one activity/job/task to the next. The exec met on Sunday night and worked through a few things that will shape next year's mission.
The team (of 75 people) did a great job and by the end we had a wonderful community atmosphere. Lunchtimes are a highlight as we not only gather to eat but have time to report back on the day's events, tell stories and anecdotes and share together. I (as director) have a big bag of lollies and after we've eaten I recount brickbats and bouquets, stories of things various team members have done that are worthy of sharing, either as an encouragement or affirmation of people, or as a source of amusement and "embarrassment", the silly, funny or dumb things people have done during the course of the preceding 24 hours. There is no shortage of these, nor of people willing to dob others in for their misdemeanours, though this year there were more bouquets and thanks handed out because the team did such a good job.

The pack-up all went smoothly, the sea container has been repacked, each piece of equipment carefully and strategically positioned for it's year long hibernation. Most of the team have now departed though there were still about 30 people at the dinner table(s) last night. The departure is always punctuated with a stop at the bakery before truly hitting the road and this morning was no exception as half a dozen faimlies headed for home. We have one more night, as do the Robinsons and Letch's. Tonight we've booked a date for coffee and cake with the Letchys and Birchys. We're going to a little cafe restaurant in the main street: Carolyn and I met the blokes who own it last night when we went for a walk, they were fishing and we had a very friendly chat for about 20 minutes, and watched them catch one Tailor in the process.

Sophie came back down yesterday after doing her stint at Southbound. Jordan has gone to Perth for a couple of days on a consumer driven excursion, CDs and Converse shoes being his objectives.
Carolyn leaves for Geelong on the 13th to spend a couple of weeks with her mum and dad.
I plan to relax, take it easy, sleep and paint in no particular order.
Oh, and of course I'll be resuming blogging on a more regular basis!

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