Thursday, January 04, 2007


It's Thursday morning at Augusta and this is the first time I've had half an hour free to get away and blog. I'm in town with Sophie, we've just picked up another second hand sofa for the teenage tent, a grey leather 3 seater for $30.
Beach Mission is going well despite the inclement weather, it was sunny for the first day then rained constantly for the next 24 hours which meant we had to move the program indoors to the marquee. It's squeezy but it worked, the same for the film night on Tuesday.
It hasn't deterred the crowds though with lots of kids and families coming along. The quiz night was packed out last night too.

I have duel roles this year, co-director of the team with Rolf, and co-leader of the teenage program with Birchy and Letchy (who just arrived last night). The long days and late nights are getting to me a bit as I'm struggling (more than usual) to get going in the mornings.
We're running a Survivor theme with the teens and have split them up into the red and blue tribes for everything. We took the teens to the beach yesterday and the weather treated us kindly, with some kids even brave enough to swim. We played Survivor Challenge games which worked really well, with the Sumo Wrestling Circle a big hit with the kids.

Last night was Survivor Spotlight at the lookout, followed by the Survivor singing challenge. We ran out of time for Tribal Council (where I keep threatening we're going to vote some kids out of the caravan park!) but we're planning to run it tonight.

We've had a couple of complaints about the noise so have made some changes to what we're doing in order not to further antagonise people.
Sophie came down on Tuesday with Carolyn and is having a good time, and of course Jordan and Sport Boy are in their element and having a great week. Sport Boy has played cricket non-stop since we got here!


Zaac said...

cricket is an essential part of beach mission, wouldnt be the same unless there was a constant game running throughout!! sounds like ur having fun, wish i could be there for the week...

Zaac said...

if you happen to get this i'd quite like to chat to you in the next day. have another stupid decision to make. think i know where this one is going but would still like your perspective.
hows mission going?? love you all,