Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Monday Morning!

I paid the price for staying up too late on the computer when I staggered out of bed to take Sport Boy to his swimming lessons this morning. I'm sure I wasn't a pretty sight as I enquired about his class. The good news came in two forms, I was able to get him into a level 5 class as he passed level 4 at school, and his class doesn't start until 11.55am each day! Wish I'd known that earlier!

Stu rang wanting to borrow some BBQsfrom work for Planetshakers, I spent about half an hour fixing one with a spanner and grease cup as an improvised screwdriver. I hadn't seen them since the Cool School Race Camp where they were assembled by groups for points and they didn't necessarily follow the manufacturer's instructions! After we loaded them in Stu's KOmbi I then spent 20 minutes trying to lock the roller door on the shed! I worked out why it is so hard to close but couldn't fix it without a grinder! The slots for the rods to slide into are too low. (I'm sure you can picture it from my technical description!) I finally managed to close it after disconnecting one of the rods. I'll borrow an angle grinder when school restarts and fix the problem properly.

Sport Boy and I then went to the movies to see Arthur and The Invisibles which we both enjoyed though I confess I did doze through parts of it! That made it tricky for me to answer Sport Boy's questions afterwards but I managed to bluff my way through the post movie review.

Sophie and Jordan are now both going to Perth for Planetshakers tomorrow, courtesy of a couple of late withdrawals. That's a good thing. Not so good is that I'll have to do Jordy's junk mail delivery. I did insist that he gets it folded before he leaves. It's half done and he's got the morning to complete it so here's hoping. He spent 3 hours at the library this afternoon. While he is typically into computers and electronic games, he has maintained a deep love for reading and has even progressed from his standard fare (Harry Potter, Matthew Reilly) to try some new authors.

Just before sunset Sport Boy and I went comet hunting. Comet McNaught is supposed to be visible above the horizon just after sunset for the next 4 days so we went to see if we could see it. We couldn't. The lox cloud cover took care of that. However, we'll give it another go tomorrow night.

Tomorrow will be tricky, I accepted a day shift in the taxi tomorrow, starting at 7.30. Sport Boy's swimming is at 11.55 and Sophie and Jord depart for Perth at 12 so I'll need to take a little time off during the middle of the day to manage those responsibilities. All I need now is someone who can look after Sport Boy for the afternnon until my shift finishes. I didn't have to take it but I'm keen to earn any extra money I can at the moment. I'm trying to build up some funds to use for my long service leave in 3rd term; whatever we end up doing is going to cost some money.

The Heir asked how the "Laying down the ground rules went".
I explained them, specifically, how to deal with dirty dishes after use, ie. rinse and put in dishwasher, not build modern art sculpture in kitchen sink, or worse, abandon them in the study.
Jordan flouted the rule.
He is subsequently banned from eating in the study.
It's a work in progress.

Watched The World's Fastest Indian on DVD tonight, great movie, highly recommended if you haven't already seen it.

Finished another painting tonight too, Sophie said it reminds her of Tetris. It's time to do a big one! I've been doing lots of small ones over the last couple of months, avoiding the 2 large canvases awaiting my attention! Can't put it off any longer, just got to be brave and bite the bullet. It's funny how much more daunting a large canvas is than a small one!

In light of tomorrow's ugly start and busy schedule, it's time for bed; now if I can just extricate myself from the computer, that good intention may become reality!

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