Monday, January 29, 2007

Bits of Saturday, Bits of Sunday, it's all a Blur

Hazy recollections of events that may or may not have transpired sometime Saturday or Sunday.

I slept till after lunchtime, that sort of dozey, disturbed sleep that happens when the sun is up and the silence of the night is replaced by the low hum and occasional thump or crash of day time activity in a typical home. Carolyn and the kid's return from church signalled the approaching end of my slumber.

Once vertical I compromised and sat, in this case in the lounge chair to watch the tennis; Grunting Williams beating the Shrieking Sharapova! Then a dvd, Flight 93, the story of the 4th plane on Sep 11, which was quite moving. Imagine knowing you were going to die, making your final phone calls, saying goodbyes under such dreadful circumstances.

I began getting a few things ready for my imminent return to work, tidying up the study, sorting out papers while Carolyn and Sport Boy went for a swim. He got to go jetty jumping, Jordan and a couple of mates were already down there indulging in the most popular free activity in Busselton.

later we fulfilled a promise I'd made to Sport Boy ans went to see Night at the Museum, a Ben Stiller comedy with an impressive ensemble supporting cast and we all enjoyed it.
We then took a Sunday drive out to Port Geographe and Wonnerup, ending up at a garage sale where we bought an old stained glass window hanging on a chain which we'll hang in the patio and hopefully it will catch the afternoon sun.

While Roger Federer completed his inexorable conquest of the Fernando Gonzales and the Australian Open I worked on a new painting, this time incorporating a lot of texture, building up layers of paint in different patterns. The feedback from Petticoat Lane the other night suggested that people really like paitings with texture, so being a slave to fashion I'm giving them what they want!!! Obviously I'm not enslaved but having already experimented a little anyway I may as well explore the style a little further and see what eventuates.
I'll post the results in a day or two, depending on how long it takes to "finish" it.


2Peter said...

Lots of memories jetty jumping and hanging out at the old beach shop. We used to dive around the pylons (sp?) and collect fishing gear lost over the edge.

The jetty belonged to fishermen and kid in those days, tourists rarely went out there. The end was a great place to wag school but every now and then a teacher would come out and you couldn't escape!

The first place we lived in Busselton was along the road that turns left where the wonnerup road starts to head inland to the highway. A little asbestos cottage on the beach side about a mile up. Great place to grow up as a kid!

Your blog jogs a lot of fond memeories Marcus!

2Peter said...

PS. I think we have an aquaintance in common - Marg the schools nurse.

Marcus said...

G'day 2Peter

Marg is a good lady, though I had a confusing incident with her late last year, I wanted her to come on a camp and she seemed keen to come but it did'nt eventuate.

Love the image of you getting busted out at the end of the jetty! If you dived in did the teachers follow?

We were just out at Wonnerup and I pointed out a little asbestos shack to Carolyn, commenting that it would have been there long before Busselton got popular and bigger, now it's surrounded by two story mansions at Port Geographe on the new canal development.

2Peter said...

I met Marg years ago when she did her midwifery with my sister.

I spent a week with her on the Abrolhos Islands (Big Rat Is.) while she filled in as the nurse there. We dubbed ourselves Dr Spock and Nurse Codswollop. The locals were a bit worried!