Saturday, January 20, 2007

Robert McNaught of Comet McNaught Fame

An Aussie astronomer who discovered the comet last year. I bet he's stoked!
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Zaac said...

does that mean the comet comes past every year?? awesome news if it does, i mite have half a shot at seeing it yet, if i ever get home that is!!

dreads are gone, pics on the posse house, was going to try and call this weekend, new years resolution and all, but didnt. may call tomorow, try not to get you at 2am again!!

(got to be getting close to the aniversary of my little joke isnt it?? when i called you at 6am after you left a post about broady waking you up the day before at the same time =])

Marcus said...

No, Sorry, this one doesn't orbit, it's just passing through and will not return!

Don't ring, I'm not home.