Friday, January 12, 2007

A Happy Mistake

I just got up after a short nap, feeling groggy, and got myself ready to start my regular Friday night shift in the cab. But, a quick check of the roster revealed I'm not driving till next week so I don't have to work tonight. Now while the extra money is always handy, I'm quite happy to have a break, get more sleep and rest and take it easy. The last few weeks have been busy and pressured and it won't hurt to have some more time off. Plus, tonight is Carolyn's last night at home for two weeks. Tomorrow morning she leaves for Perth then flies to Victoria to visit her Mum and Dad in Geelong. It was going to be awkward with me working late and her leaving early on the bus so all in all this is a much better arrangement. The only one who'll be disappointed is Sport Boy because I had hoped to take him and Jed to a movie this arvo but didn't because I thought I was starting work at 6.00. Never mind, the movies are on every day! I'm catching up on some blogging over at the Beach Mission Blog, posting pictures of our last couple of week's activities, if you want to have a look, click here.

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Zaac said...

dad, i think you have a blog addiction.