Thursday, January 11, 2007

QuickSand triumph again

Several hours later, the cars and trailer are unpacked although the bags and boxes are not.
I've shaved, next is a shower. My ablutions were interrupted by the season finale of Survivor. I was not happy to discover that my daughter had forgotten to record the episodes we missed but tonight's 3 hour episode enabled me to catch up with most of it. Yul won by one vote from Ozzy, they would have both made worthy winners.
I've just started transferring all the video footage I recorded over the last two weeks onto the DVD player, I can hear the sound of our game of Soccer Squash in the Boat Park at Bridgetown with Alan, Bruce and Cody playing at present.

Carolyn and I played beach volleyball tonight, with Simmo, and Joan filling in for Gerrard and we recorded our third win in a row, this time against the Swedes. I think they are a bunch of Swedish guys travelling in Australia who've decided to spend the summer in Busselton (for the beach volleyball season perhaps!)
Sport Boy did a great job as ball boy, so much so that he's keen to offer his services to other teams for $2 a game!!

I'm looking forward to the morning and being able to sleep in! It has been a very tiring couple of weeks and I've been a bit down and flat the last day or two. The emotional energy required to direct Beach mission takes it out of me and I think I need some time to recover, starting with sleep.

I finally posted our yearly newsletter today, I had them all ready to send at Augusta but it just didn't get done. Friends and relatives around Australia and overseas can expect a letter to arrive shortly, via the old fashioned but much loved method, snail mail!

Tomorrow we'll go to the Vasse Art Exhibition, and see whether either of my paintings have sold!

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Zaac said...

do i get one of these family newsletters? you managed to fit a lot in since getting back from mission!! survivor is non existent as a tv show over here, i think it may reflect a distinctly american aspect of culture. jord called me from perth the other day, running up who knows what kind of bill on louisas fone but it was good to speak to him. you may have noted one of my new years resolutions was to call home weekly, mite as well do it once =] when are you guys likely to be home??