Wednesday, January 31, 2007

13 Circles

Here's the finished painting that I've mentioned the last couple of days. It took longer for me to decide it was finished than most of my other stuff. Most of them have a logical finishing point, when the pattern is complete, not so with this one and I ran the risk of over-doing it. Wilma told me tonight that she has wrecked a couple of good paintings by not stopping soon enough. There are several layers of paint, used to create texture and I re-did several parts of it before I was satisfied. It's on a 30" x 30" canvas, and is for sale for $350. Let me know if you're interested!

NB. A number of people have commented on an Aboriginal influence or feel to my paintings. I know what they mean, I can see it, but it is entirely unintentional. Aboriginal paintings all tell a story, I don't have a story in mine, certainly not an intentional one! Perhaps under analysis they would reveal all sorts of secrets and subliminal messages I've been repressing, but I doubt it. I just like lines and patterns and colours and try to put them together in ways that appeal to me.
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Zaac said...

i hadnt noticed but now that you mention it that painting has a definite aboriginal feel. v cool.

Anonymous said...

Just read your Christmas letter and decided to check out the blog site. This painting looks like you are planning more children. Ros

Marcus said...

Carolyn said the same thing, again, entirely unintentional.

2Peter said...

I like this one Marcus.