Sunday, January 14, 2007

Is there a connection here?

Carolyn flew to Melbourne today to visit her parents for a couple of weeks.

I drove the cab tonight.

Sophie and Jordan had joint responsibility for supervising Sport Boy.

When I got home at 3.45am there were 10 lights on, the dishwasher was half emptied, the sink was full of dirty dishes, with several more carefully strewn around the rest of the house, the TV was on and the dining table has been moved to the lounge room (presumably so Jordan could watch tv while he folded his junk mail).
On the positive side, both boys are asleep, in their own beds though Sport Boy's light was on, the tv show I requested has been recorded and despite 3 of the 4 doors being unlocked we don't appear to have been broken into or robbed (though admittedly with the various dvds, games disks, headphones, remote controls and electronic devices scattered all over the floor it's a little hard to tell!)

Tomorrow we set some boundaries and establish some ground rules!


2Peter said...

This made me laugh, especially after my last comment! Hope you and family are having a good summer Marcus, all the best.

Zaac said...

how'd the ground rules go??
suggestion from ur son, offer them something in return for responsible behaviour, i know they shouldnt need it and you dont want to bribe them but some insentive will help jog their memories, otherwise they just dont think about it till its too late.

jordan said...

i concur. or in the words of chris hill, amen