Monday, January 15, 2007


Mum and Walter dropped off Sport Boy's Christmas present yesterday, a basketball pole, they got it in Perth for us and it was too big for us to bring back at Christmas. We set it up this afternoon. That makes it sound easy. It wasn't. Now, in real terms it wasn't a difficult job, but a job only needs a few nuts and bolts and unusual parts to start stretching my capabilities. What made this one tougher was the awkwardness of it and the hot weather we were working in. We being Sport Boy and I. I did the heavy lifting, he did the holding, steadying and encouraging. Actually I was impressed with a couple of his suggestions which showed an intuitive understanding of what I was trying to do, not sure where he got that ability from, possibly his grandfather, maybe the dna for mechanical tasks skipped a generation? We finally got it erect, I dug out some lawn to allow it to sit level, filled the base with water to counter-balance it, and Bob's your Mother's Brother, we were away. He even convinced me to come out and shoot a few hoops with him just before bed time.
He's happy, and when he's happy I'm happy. He is a very easy kid to love, he's demonstrative, encouraging and grateful, all endearing traits.

We collected my paintings from Vasse this afternoon, which sadly means they weren't sold! Rats! Here I was dreaming of my burgeoning art career taking a positive step forward and my bank balance receiving a boost, but neither happened. I have booked a stall at the Petticoat Lane street markets that are part of the Busselton Festival in a couple of weeks though so perhaps I'll have better luck there.

We also retrieved the rabbits from Laurie and Sonia's place; they'd been bunny sitting them for us while we were away at Augusta. The rabbits survived but the exercise served to convince Laurie that they won't be getting any pet rabbits for their kids, something about chasing them round the yard trying to put them back in their hutch deterred them apparently!

I cooked a BBQ for dinner and we ate al fresco, the kids complemented me on the food. Sophie prepared the salad. She's looking for a new job but in the meantime may go to Planetshakers this week with Stu and Deb and a small group from Down South.

Jordan as usual left his junk mail delivering until the last possible moment, finishing it just as the (daylight saving assisted) light gave way to night. He did however find time throughout the day to read for several hours, watch Smallville dvds and chat on MSN.

I've just finished watching Mission Impossible 3 on dvd which was ok, typical Hollywood style action movie. Casino Royale was much better.

Swimming lessons start in the morning so I better get some sleep!

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Happy New Year to you. One of my resolutions is to blog more. It can't be that hard after last year's effort. Send to 23 James St, Melrose Park 2114.