Monday, January 01, 2007


It's 2007, hardly seems any time at all since it was 2006! Just home from a nother big night in the cab, my shift started last year in fact. The good news is I made lots of money. The bad news is I have to be up in about 5 hours to get ready to leave for Augusta; Beach Mission starts today (Monday) and we need to be there by 12.00 o'clock (The price of leadership!!). The other bad news is I got pulled over for speeding tonight!!! There goes a hundred bucks of my hard earned cabbying!!!! We'll be away for the next 10 days and pretty busy working on the mission so I'm not sure how much blogging action I'll see. I'll certainly be trying. Happy New Year Everyone.


Peter said...

You drive pretty fast for a christian!!!!!!

Marcus said...

I knew that was coming!!!!!

Zaac said...

ouch, i have no driving offences (recorded) against me to date. does help being in another country where, for the most part, i dont drive. still, ouch!!
(nice one grampa!!)

Peter said...

Do you have any idea why the entire first paragraph is showing as a link and when clicked shows the second last photo wherein it seems Valter is receiving the Heil Valter salute.
BTW I just can't let you go without commenting on your duel role at Augusta, do you think you're Errol Flynn?