Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sacred Ground!

I took my thongs off for this shot because I was about to stand on "sacred ground"! Behind me is the exact spot where Phil stood to welcome the teams in The Amazing Race when an episode brought them to Perth, Fremantle and Rottnest a couple of years ago.
I can see the need to incorporate this spot into this year's Cool School Race Camp!
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Zaac said...

only slightly blasphemous, the "quotation" marks may have saved you from true sin ;]

i thought the constant gardener was an awesome film, its the one rachel and i watched in front of the brighouses eating dinner that has a sex scene in the first 2 mins (you found my account of it rather entertaining i remember)

Marcus said...

Jesus saved me from true sin, the "" are a sign of his grace and mercy and my sense of humour!

You deserved to squirm!

Zaac said...

have you taken to only commenting on ur own blog and snubbing everyone else?? im still waiting to hear what you think of the new hair cut.

Marcus said...

Tried once and couldn't log on, left a comment last night, try and keep up with the program!