Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Sport Boy had a panic attack tonight, a very unpleasant experience. I'd gone out to deliver some of Jordan's junk mail, leaving him home watching TV. At 9 years old it's not uncommon for him to be home on his own for short periods. I was out for between 20-30 minutes. When I got back he wasn't here but the phone was ringing. Sue, the new neighbour was calling. He'd gone next door very distressed, "scared" about something but unable to say what. His eyes had been bothering him, possibly as a result of the chlorine in the pool from his swimming lessons. He was crying, shaking and agitated and in a real mess. Even with two of us comforting him he didn't calm down much. He was wobbly and couldn't stand up but after some time he'd calmed down a little bit and I took him for a drive (hoping that looking for the comet might take his mind off it perhaps). We called Carolyn who spoke to him for a long time and prayed for him, both of which helped but he was still very agitated. She suggested I take him round to Noel's place and get him to pray for him. Noel and Steph are the pastor's of our church and great people. Noel taught him some scripture to help him, "God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind" and "Perfect love casts out all fear". This along with some prayers began to see him calm down a bit though it was a slow process. He lay on the sofa for a while saying the verses over and over and the more he did the more settled he became. Thankfully, after about half an hour he stopped shaking and crying and writhing and really brightened up. A little later he was smiling and laughing and back to his old self. The whole episode probably lasted a bit over an hour.
Now he is safely tucked up in my bed and sleeping peacefully.
We don't know what caused it but the prayers and scripture certainly helped it to go away.

I had to smile to myself as I listened to him talking to Carolyn on the phone. She must have asked what had happened when he went to the neighbour's house. His reply was, "She hugged me and nurtured me." Even in his distress he had an impressive turn of phrase!
I'm glad and thankful that he's ok now.

Jordan and Sophie got away safely to Planetshakers though one of them left behind their crockery and cutlery, not sure which one. I rang Big Brother the Accountant who is going to Planetshakers with my niece Amy and arranged for him to provide them with a replacement set so they've got something to eat with.


Peter said...

That's distressing news Marcus, now that he is calm is he able to recall what may have set of the attack?
Best you don't leave him on his own for a while.

Marcus said...

Hi Dad

Yeah, he said this morning that he thinks it was because of his eyes hurting and not being able to see properly. He's been doing swimming lessons the last couple of days so that's probably the initial cause, although he's been swimming plenty of times without any problem. He's not swimming today. And no, I won't be leaving him on his own for a while.
He's bright as a button this morning but wasn't keen to swim just in case it recurred.

I've always had respect for single parents and the challenges they face, having had a small dose it's even greater now.

2Peter said...

Boys usually have a stronger need for their Mum up to 8 or 9 thru about 12 before they gravitate more to Dad. There's some things us blokes just aren't intrinsically good at! But after such a long time reading these pages, I'm guessing you're better than most.

There's a pressure point in the middle of the forehead just above the point between your eyebrows. If they tap or rub it can work well with kids (or adults) experiencing fear or other heavy emotions. Getting it happening in the middle of everything else is the tricky bit!

If I'm doing it, I usually say to myself "Even though I feel XXXXX I deeply and completely accept myself" but the two verses you mentioned sound like good ones to remember to me. You could replace the word fear with other things in those as well.

That's if tapping pressure points doesn't sound all too freakishly weird of course!!

Wish I was in WA to see the comet, we haven't been able to see anything here.