Sunday, November 02, 2008

Super Blogger to the Rescue

My late morning slumber was disturbed by a phone call from Dave. He was in trouble and needed help. His car wouldn't start.

He, and new "girlfriend" Robyn were stranded at Canal Rocks. They needed rescuing!

This was a job for "SuperBlogger"!

No worries Dave, I'm on my way!

After I've had a quick shower that is.

Oh, and I haven't had breakfast so I'll just chuck a couple of snags in the microwave.

Oh-oh! Car's almost out of fuel, better fill up with petrol first.

Now, onto Repco to buy a new battery. $147. ouch!

Never fear Dave, I'm on my way!

Down the Vasse-Yallingup Siding Rd.

Don't worry Dave, no snake is going to stop me, especially not a dead one.

Here they are, Dave and Robyn looking mightily relieved at Super Blogger's arrival, having taken in as much of the Canal Rocks view as humanly possible.

Super Blogger breaks out the shifting spanner, removes the old battery and installs the new one, ignoring the sparks!!.

Let's hope it works! Fire it up Dave.


No problem, the Falcon bursts into life.

The happy couple drive off into the sunset (poetic license) and are snapped a little later having coffee in Dunsborough.

Super Blogger washes his hands and smiles at another successful mission.
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Anonymous said...

Mate, thanks again, any chance of a copy of the photos of madam and I? she's been resisting all of my efforts so far to snap her for the computer desk top. Dave

Anonymous said...

B..g.r forgto the email address