Tuesday, November 18, 2008

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Sports Report

Spurs lost to Fulham 2-1on Sat. night, their first loss since Harry Redknapp took over. The bubble had to burst sooner or later!

The NY Giants continued their good form with a 30-10 win over the Baltimore Ravens.

The Wallabies won at Twickenham for the first time in 4 years, beating the poms 28-14.

General News

Back to work today where my main focus was finalising the photo book ready for printing for the CSRC. Time is going to get away from me if I don't start cranking it up several notches.
The time for navel gazing is over, the time for knuckling down has arrived.

I have a couple of paintings in an exhibition in Perth this week at Metro Church in Beaufort St North Perth. If you're in the neighbourhood drop in and support a struggling artist. I hope one or both of them sell because money is very tight again at the moment.
I had planned to have an exhibition in Busselton in mid December but I can't see it happening at this stage with higher priorities taking precedence. perhaps I'll get something happening in January? Hopefully.

Preparations are under way for one of the premier social events of the year, Sport Boy's 11th birthday. We will be celebrating on Saturday afternoon/evening, with a few friends, ten pin bowling and dinner at SB's favourite restaurant, the home of the Whopper!

Business News

In the start of what I hope might become a balancing of exports to imports in the Holt Press Trading Company, I sold my first item on ebay tonight. A NY Mets baseball jacket. I had a reserve of $10 and the first 6 days of the auction it attracted 6 watchers and no bids. But in a flurry of activity on the final day the bids started rolling in and the final price was $35! Not too shabby! Once payment has been made by the buyer, a uni student in Adelaide, I'll stick it in the mail. I could get used to this! I've already started looking around at other possible items to sell!
I need to because I've been going gang busters on the badges and pins! I have scaled back, and even been pleased when someone has outbid me on a few items. One remarkable transaction saw a set of Sydney Olympics badges that I was the leading bidder on for about a week, for $33, finally sold today for $275!!!!! Similarly, an original Donald Bradman badge that I briefly lead with a bid of $12 ultimately sold for $290!!! Rest assured, I'm not in that league. My purchases are confined to the sort that average out at about 20-30c a badge.

Finally, some Agricultural News.

The stone fruit season has commenced, I ate my first peach of the season on the weekend and though small, it was very nice, sweet and juicy. I'll probably eat several dozen kilos of nectarines, peaches, plums and grapes by the time Summer is over. Mmmmmm!

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