Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shaken not Stirred

The piece of furniture I bought at the garage sale on Saturday. We'd like to remove the mirror but I'm not sure how to, it's stuck on and I fear levering it off may well damage the timber. For the first time in 21 years the "Lifting heavy weights" duties in the Holt Press household did not rely on me, the Heir and Hair carried it in together, then proceeded to have a slapping and wrestling match in our bedroom to further display their masculinity. The Hair, who has half a head of dreadlocks now by the way, often assesses things on the basis of whether they are "manly" lately. This seemed to pass the test. To fully seal the male "bonding" vibe going down at present, we three are off to see Quantum of Solace shortly. Mrs Holt Press doesn't want to come, which is just as well because she's not invited.
I'll see if she wants to go and see Australia next week, it will be more her style, ie. $140M Chick Flick.
It will be good for me to chill out, I'm getting brain strain from staring at the computer all day editing and updating books for the camp.
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Anonymous said...

The mirror. Get some fishing line and drag it underneath the mirror that way if it is stuck on with double sided tape it will break the seal. One tip. Support the mirror as you get towards the end otherwise it falls and breaks. Obvious for some but not for unhandy men like me. Dave @ Bunno

Marcus said...

Thanks Dave, I'll give it a try.