Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Not a lot to report tonight so just a few pics of a trip to our old home town of Geelong from a few years ago. Mrs Holt Press' parents Alan and Mary still live there so she goes back at least once a year to see them and on this occasion we went together. Of course, we took in a football game while we were there too. They are walking the boardwalk at Eastern Beach, a very popular place in the summer time. It has been spruced up a bit these days with some pretty cool art works scattered around.
The house on the bottom left is where I spent a large part of my childhood, 119 Aberdeen St. We three boys shared the upstairs bedroom you can see. I remember vomiting out of that window once.
Bottom right is Newtown State School which I attended from prep (Bubs) through to grade 5. My grade one teacher was Mrs Digby.
Most of my memories of school revolved around football, playing it every little lunch, lunch time and afternoon recess. We played on gravel, there being no grass on the top playground. We were tough!
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Phil said...

marcus need your address to send you sthg. pls email it me. you are not in the white pages.

Marcus said...

What, the Kabul phone book doesn't have my number? Now I know how difficult life in Afghanistan really is!

I've emailed it to you, never know who might be reading Holt Press or whether they can be trusted.