Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sport Boy: He's from Barcelona

Scenes from the big birthday celebration.

Today has been a true day of rest. I got up at lunchtime- post taxi- just crossing paths with the family to discuss Christmas plans before Mrs HP transferred from reading on the sofa to going for an extended nap.

The Hair passed up my invitation to go and see the new James Bond movie this afternoon, preferring to hang out with his "girlfriend"!

I'm about to set off for Perth where I have some camp preparation to do tomorrow.
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The HoJo's said...

Happy Birthday Sport Boy, glad it was a good one, I must confess I am looking forward to seeing Quantum of Solace hopefuly this week.
Have a safe trip.

Peter said...

Happy belated birthday SB, not hearing the best reports on the new Bond movie but Australia is getting the good stuff, except for Nicole (the ice lady), jealousy is a terrible thing!!!

2Pete said...

Happy Birthday Senor Sport Boy!

Marcus said...

2Pete, you're alive!!
Been wondering where you've been, I've missed you.

Any plans to be home at Christmas?

2Pete said...

Yes, I should be commenting more! I get to WA mid December and leave at the end of the month. Would be great to catch up sometime in between!