Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sport Boy's Idea of Making the Bed

Sport Boy was sent to bed with his doona tonight. This was as close as he came to making his bed with it!
Mum and Walter are staying the night so he can go to a woodturner's workshop. Mum and I spent the day hunting for garage sales. Our search took us as far as Margaret River but was relatively unproductive, except for one special bargain I'll post about later. One sale that promised all sorts of intriguing possibilities, curiosities and treasures was an absolute waste of time with possibly the world's grumpiest proprietor who carried on packing up as we arrived. The time? 12.15pm! What is wrong with these people?
I found a couple of odd little items worth buying but nothing worth blogging about but it was a good way to spend a few hours chatting with Mum.

Having had minimal sleep I went back to bed at 3.30 with a view to getting up for church at 6.00. Things didn't go to plan and I awoke at 7.00. Now I'm gonna watch the Wallabies play England at Twickenham.
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