Friday, November 21, 2008

Sport Boy turns 11 Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a very big day, it's Sport Boy's 11th birthday. He's been counting down the days for nearly a month. He's promised to come and wake us up at 6.30 in the morning, presumably so we can help him celebrate! He's had a pretty tough time lately at school and a tough year physically with illness, appendicitis and a "broken" wrist. Kids that were his friends have turned against him and he's been pretty sad. He's a very sensitive kid. Some kids might brush off this sort of mean behaviour but he has taken it to heart and suffered accordingly. Thankfully things have started to improve, as a result of some intervention from us and action from the school. He's also made a couple of new friends which is a relief.

On Saturday afternoon we're taking him and a few friends to Bunbury to go 10 pin bowling and have dinner at his favourite restaurant, Hungry Jacks.
I really hope he has a great day tomorrow, he's such a great little kid, it's been very painful seeing him feeling down and sad.
His big sister is coming home for the weekend to help celebrate which will be a treat.

I'm making some progress in preparation for the Cool School Race Camp, my biggest project of the year. I dropped the photo book off at the printers today, and also met with the Busso kids who are going on the camp. We will have either 16 or 24 from Busso and a total of 176 kids, from 8 high schools which makes it a pretty big camp. In fact, it is the highest number of different schools we've had which should add to the level of competition this year, especially between the three Bunbury high schools.
I've got lots of work still to do but am finally starting to click into gear on it.

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