Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Paisley Back in Style

While searching for info about a woman killed in a car crash on Bussell Hwy last year, I came across this link to an ABC radio interview with a girl I know called Billie who was a close friend of Brendan Fitzgerald who was killed in the second Bali bombing in 2005.
With the originals bombers having been executed a couple of days ago Bali is in the news and on the minds of many Australians.
Billie has just been to Bali to pay her respects to Brendan's memory and say her final farewell.
Have a listen to the podcast.

Tonight was Scrabble group night. I was in trouble in the first game, a three handed match with Sue and Marg. I was the best part of a hundred points behind when the perfect opening presented. I had ELTSIDE on my rack and there was a D open on the middle triple word square. I made DELISTED down from it to the bottom triple word score, the 11 points x 3 = 33 + the 50 point bonus for using all my letters gave me a total of 83. But best of all, there were no tiles left in the bag so I'd also gone out, leaving the girls with a rack full of tiles. And in Scrabble of course, not only did they lose the points they had left, I received them as a bonus, a further 21 points for going out. The result of which was I finished on 257 and Sue who'd been 97 in front finished on 236! It was a moment to savour!

I won my next two games more comfortably but there was a quirky occurrence, in two different games I drew the same letters LSEIPYA and was able to make PAISLEY for 50 point bonuses both times!

Sadly, the night didn't finish as well. When I went to start the car and drive Gael and Olive home my battery was flat. With daylight saving I had arrived while it was still light and didn't realise I'd left my lights on. Kevin was roused out of bed to give me a tow with the 4WD to get it started. That worked and all seemed OK until there was an odd electrical short of some sort causing the windscreen wipers to do one oscillation and the lights to go funny. The car kept going so we headed home, only for it to die a few minutes later. I tried to roll start it before we stopped moving with no success. I called The Heir and The Hair to come and give me a hand but even with their combined muscle we couldn't roll start it so I had to leave it parked in someone's front yard* for the night. I'll go and try and fix it tomorrow in the daylight.
* I asked their permission first.

Post Script to an earlier post.
Following Mrs Hojo's suggestion I looked up the local paper and found the address of where I thought the garage sale with the work bench had been. This was confirmed when I got a text message from Mac this afternoon asking me to come and collect it!

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The HoJo's said...

I did raise an eyebrow at your post heading! well done. Have you worked out where to come and talk about selling some art? (no promises, but you never know... the ladies have sold 3)