Sunday, November 02, 2008

Power Dialogue

Here is a verbatim transcription of a series of text messages sent between The Hair and myself this afternoon.

To set the scene, I was enroute to Yallingup, see post below. The Hair was in his default position, in front of the computer, reading Manga comics instead of doing his homework.

The Hair: Dad, powers out. I want it back. What do I do?

Me: Its off for 3 hours for maintenance better do your homework and study instead! (See picture)

The Hair: Sunovahorse (maintenance people). I need wikipedia, the internet, the computer to do my MPA

Me: Back on at 4

The Hair: Im going to die


The Hair: Doubtful. Does the afterlife have DSL?

Me: Depends where you go!

The Hair: So they call it hell because its only got dial-up?

A few minutes pass. Picture The Hair trying to come up with a new plan.

The Hair: Can I please use your laptop?

Me: Yeah, but the modem won't work without power

The Hair: This is exactly why we need a generator.
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Peter said...

I'm enjoying the conversations between you and your children... for some strange reason they sound familiar!!!