Saturday, November 22, 2008

Birthday Celebrations

Peace has returned to he Holt Press household; Sport Boy's party guests have just departed.
They had a good time, which should be interpreted as "noise, laughter, fun, silliness, excess sugar, farting noises, 11 year old humour, and a McFlurry dropped on the car floor".
No harm done and a bunch of happy kids heading home. The olde crew- Mrs HP Favourite Daughter, The Heir and I also had a good time, laughing at the kid's antics and one another. The 10 pin bowling was notable for the changing of the guard. I failed to get a strike or even a spare, I can't remember the last time that happened, while Favourite Daughter took full advantage of the bumpers to "pinbowl" her way to victory. Mrs Holt Press got the final dig in as we left, "I beat you"!

Dinner started at Hungry Jacks and finished with McFlurry's at McDonalds, all class catering!!
Walking back through the car park the boys were making comments and jokes about the animal signs used to signify which part of the carpark your car is in when one of them said, "That penguin looks like a bird". That brought much laughter and was repeated many more times before we got home, along with a very funny joke about rabbits that has to be heard rather than read to be fully appreciated.

I'm enjoying the peace and quiet and watching the last few minutes of the Rugby League World Cup Final before heading out to do a late shift in the taxi. At this point the Kiwis are on the verge of a HUGE upset, leading the game by 12 points with 5 minutes left!

Today was a mega garage sale bonanza in Busselton, the most I've ever seen on one day and I got up early to take advantage of it. I found a few items of interest, the main purchase being an old wardrobe/drawers/dressing table combo. I don't know how to describe it better than that but it will add some much needed storage for Mrs HP's clothes in our bedroom.

Well, New Zealand have done it, knocking off Australia, the hottest of hot favourites before the game.

Time to go to work.

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