Sunday, November 09, 2008

Catching Up

As predicted it is Sunday evening and I'm just summoning the energy to blog.

On Thursday and Friday we had Aboriginal author and performer Boori Pryor in the school, telling stories and entertaining kids. I ran two sausage sizzles to feed the hungry hordes and ran Phat Phriday at lunchtime with The Heir and Toni. Finding games that the kids will play is tricky, sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get them to volunteer. There was a good crowd though and we were happy with how it went. Boori is very funny and engages easily with kids, his stories are full of animation and energy and the kids lap it up. I got to have a chat with him on Friday arvo and he echoed my sentiments, that the election of Barack Obama was similar to the National Apology in the way it moved and inspired people and signalled a change in the mood of people and the climate of the nation.

Driving the taxi two nights in a row is a hard slog, especially with the trip to Mandurah sandwiched in between. Mrs Holt Press drove up and back while I snoozed but I was certainly glad to knock off last night. The shifts were fairly uneventful and reasonably profitable, a good combination.

The mission team meeting at Mandurah went well, good numbers and we got plenty done. There were a few new people on the team, mostly young singles invited by Bethany. It's always great to get new people with new energy to help pick up the load from us old timers, this will be our 14th year at Augusta! Birchy and I grabbed the chance to cruise a few garage sales in the lunch break although they were largely disappointing, way too much baby stuff and way to few badges and toy planes!

While on the subject, I've been giving ebay a hammering the last couple of weeks! I'm currently awaiting arrival of a combined total of 140 badges, (most bought in lots of 10 or more). I've picked up a number of real beauties. I'm narrowing my focus to sports badges, religious badges, and badges that i have a connection to in some way, personally or historically. A couple of them I can't mention because they're going to be very special Christmas presents but others include a Geelong West Bowling Club badge, a couple of MCG Member's badges, a YFC badge, some Olympics Paralympics and Commonwealth Games badges, and a Davis Cup umpires badge.
I had a disappointment this afternoon though. I'd been the high bidder on a collection of toy planes and helicopters for a couple of days and was monitoring the final minutes of the bidding. With 47 seconds left I was still winning the bid but for safety's sake I increased my maximum bid by another $6 just in case there was a sniper out there waiting to pinch it at the death.
Having confirmed the bid with about 20 seconds left I was pretty confident. But, to my dismay, the item did not appear on my Bought list, even after I refreshed 3-4 times. Still not suspecting anything I casually scrolled down to the Didn't Win page and was stunned to see my toy planes there! Some fink called wbbisho had trumped me with 6 seconds left on the clock!!! The dirty rat!!!
For those wondering, I have a large collection of toy planes and choppers and flying contraptions suspended from the ceiling of my office at work, it's an air traffic controller's nightmare.

This arvo I went out to borrow a trailer with the intention of picking up a work bench I bought at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago. Both trailers I might have used were unavailable so I went to look for the house where the bench was. If you picked up a significant lack of specific information in that last sentence you're right. I had forgotten the exact location and address of the garage sale! But, undeterred I was confident I could find it. I remembered the basic locality and was sure I'd recognise the house/carport and large work bench when I spotted it. An hour and a half of cruising later and having increased my search zone well beyond the area where I was sure I'd find it, I returned home defeated and perplexed! I've already paid for the bench so I have a vested interest in finding it. I'm considering putting an ad in the lost and found column of the local paper.

Lost: Mac and Sue's Garage Sale. Held two weeks ago.
Somewhere in Cloisters/Peppermint Park/West Busso.
Mac, I'd pick up the bench if I could remember where you live!

I know they'll remember me because I spent over half an hour talking to them on the day which is how I know their names.
This is not early onset Alzheimers! Just a momentary lapse in concentration!

Here's a few random photos found surfing the web for your amusement.

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The HoJo's said...

Surely all you need is the paper for that week with all the sale addresses in?

Marcus said...

Possibly, but not everyone advertises their garage sales in the paper.
I found it originally by driving around and seeing the sign.
However, I will try and track it down via the paper.