Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Big Races re-Viewed

In all of my deliberations and discussions about which horse(s) to back in the Melbourne Cup today, the three place getters never got so much as a mention or a sideways glance! Thus, my annual wager, which this year consisted of $23 in $1 and $2 bets went straight into the TAB's coffers! The one thing I should have taken notice of beforehand was the name Bart Cummings next to the winner's name. The master trainer did it again, for the 12th time. No other trainer has won more than 5 cups!

What a finish, the closest in Cup history! Can you tell which horse won?

I managed a third place in the $1 sweep at work, which gave me a piddly $2 dividend!
Better luck next year.
For the record: 1st Viewed, 2nd Bauer, 3rd Cest la Guerre

Attention now switches to the other big race on November 4, the US presidential election. I'm glad to see that the Holt Press poll is in line with all the other major polls in predicting a big win to Barack Obama. Will America elect its first black president? Personally I hope so.

The global economic crisis has produced one good thing, the lowering of interest rates by the Reserve Bank, which has had a trickle down effect on the Holt Press finances, our fortnightly mortgage payment was cut $50 today, and that's before today's new rate cut was announced.

That will ease the pressure a little.

And talking of easing pressure, the arrival of Harry Redknapp as new manager of Tottenham has had messianic qualities! Spurs' first win of the season against Bolton, followed by the "miraculous" comeback to draw 4-4 with Arsenal, and then best of all, a 2-1 comeback win against Liverpool! Even better news was that Dave recorded the game (at the second attempt) and Sport Boy and I went round and watched it after school yesterday. I'm honest enough to say that Spurs were lucky not to concede 2-3 more goals before they got the equaliser, and even that was an own goal! But, the result is all that counts in the end. Go Spurs!

I had a slightly surreal, slightly disturbing experience this morning when I opened my email. The first message in my inbox requested a receipt so I clicked the appropriate box and opened it, two seconds later my phone rang and the sender, a police officer, said "I see you've received my email"! I laughed and observed that I felt like Big Brother was watching. She said, "Turn around and wave"!!

Despite the immediacy of the transaction, the email and phone call both contained very good news. It was a comprehensive list of all the fatal car crashes in the Busselton region since 1994, minus the names for privacy reasons. This will advance my research on the Behind the White Crosses project significantly and gave me an immediate breakthrough on three particular crosses I am interested in. The project is gathering momentum, with ABC TV interested in doing a story about it in a couple of weeks time. I've still got work to do on it but I should be ready to do a pilot test run soon.

Three more people were killed at Narrogin on the weekend. The problem is on-going. My little project won't fix the problem, but perhaps it will make a few kids think and maybe that will save their lives. I hope so

Talking of recent killings, my ears pricked up this morning as the ABC news reported that another foreign aid worker in Afghanistan had been kidnapped and their co-worker shot dead. My thoughts immediately turned to Phil and Julie who are still in Kabul and have been trying to work out their future; should they stay or should they go? as The Clash once asked.

I am increasingly worried about them and concerned for their safety.

If you pray, please pray for the Sparrows.

If you don't pray, now would be a good time to start, start with the Sparrows!

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