Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Behind the White Crosses update

I spent the day working on the White Crosses project, continuing my research, taking photos at crash sites and interviewing people connected with some of the fatalities. Without wanting to sound macabre, I'm enjoying the research and even had the thought today that I'd like to write a thesis on the topic of roadside memorials. Or maybe a book. Either way, I'm slowly making progress and fitting a few more pieces in the puzzle. One of the ladies I talked to today was the first on the scene of a fatal crash that happened right in front of her home and she held the dead man's hand moments after he crashed! She has suffered physically and emotionally as a result of the experience and has difficulty talking about it still even though it happened over 6 years ago. That backs up one of the things I want to communicate to the kids, the impact of a road death is felt for a long time and extends far beyond the immediate family and friends of the deceased.
I'm hoping to be able to run a pilot trip with a group of kids in the next week and then to get it up and running properly next year.

Sports Report
Tottenham's revival took another leap forward last night with a 2-1 win away at Manchester City. Spurs came from 1-0 down to win; City had two players sent off and Tottenham had one right on full time. They've climbed off the bottom of the table and if this keeps up will not only be safe from relegation but may even challenge for a place in Europe.

Meanwhile in the USA the New York Giants continued their fine season with a high scoring win against the Philadelphia Eagles. I was able to keep track of both games on the net, a far cry from the nights as a kid when I'd sit with my ear glued to the short wave radio trying to hear the soccer through the static and crackle.

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2Pete said...

A book sounds like a great idea Marcus, perhaps with a DVD? A thesis sounds good as well, but I suspect the book would be more accessible to the young people you want to reach.