Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trap For Young Players

I've been getting into ebay lately, firstly in an effort to buy a concert ticket for The Hair's birthday, a mission that was finally successful today and at a lower price than expected. He's very happy.
The other items I've been bidding on are metal pins and badges. I've been a casual collector for years but more recently have been looking out for them in op shops, at garage sales and now, on ebay. I've bought/won a few, and been outbid on many others. The first package hasn't arrived yet but I am looking forward to that first ebay purchase thrill.
But, I got caught out today! I bid $1.99 on a set of 30 silver coins from the Beijing Olympics and as the only bidder, I "won" as ebay puts it. On the ad for the item the postage amount was not specified! No wonder! Imagine my shock upon receiving the quote from the seller for postage of $188Aus!!!!!! I looked in vain for a decimal point in that figure but there wasn't one!
So I sent off a restrained message to let the vendor, an honourable gentleman somewhere in Hong Kong, know that I would not be proceeding with the purchase!
This may result in my 100% credit rating becoming tarnished but better that than being ripped off a couple of hundred dollars for 30 pieces of silver!!
Lesson learnt: If no-one else is bidding on an item that seems too good to be true/too cheap to believe, they knew what I now know!

I had a very productive meeting with a journalist at The West Australian today who has agreed to help me with my research on the Behind the White Crosses project.
I also made good progress on securing campsite one for the CSRC.
And I attended a workshop presentation on the topic of self harm run by the Baptist church which was enlightening and useful.

I'm staying the night at the Ballajura Motor Inn with my hosts the Letches. It was good to catch up with Greg tonight and hear about what's been going on in his world the last few weeks. He's had a few problems at work recently which have been pretty stressful. He's got an interview for a job as a bus driver tomorrow so I hope he's successful.

Back to Busso in the morning, back to work in the afternoon.

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jayne said...

finally a win for spurs!woohoo!i feel a lot more positive with harry redknapp being the new boss.