Sunday, October 19, 2008

Local Blogger Plate


If you've been reading my comments you'll recognise the significance of this particular number plate which I snapped a couple of days ago in town!
Not much gets past us at Holt Press!
Welcome to town!

I dragged myself out of bed after 5 hours sleep and went down to the antiques and collector's auction at Rumens. When I got there they were up to item 120. When I left they were up to 270. The item I most wanted was 548!!!
Luckily a mate from the taxis, Graham was there and he agreed to bid for me on a couple of items, within the limits I gave him. He rang back a few hours later to say he'd gotten all three for a total of $42. They were bags of metal items, badges, plaques, hooks,filagree work etc. I particularly wanted the one bag that had the most filagree plates in it as I have ideas about using them in my painting.
I'd had to leave the auction to go and do an afternoon shift at the Art Geo Court House gallery, my first in several months. It was quiet so I spent the time listening to the cricket and painting.
When Graham rang to report on the auction I went round to pick up my items and it was like walking into an Aladdin's cave! He has been collecting things for over 40 years and the house was crammed with all sorts of interesting things from Matchbox cars and old phones to 45's and mannequins! I looked enviously through his collection of badges and pins!
he has plans to buy a property with a shed and open a private museum so he can put all his stuff on display!

Tomorrow is a significant day. The Hair turns 17. Mrs Holt Press is away in Bunbury tomorrow helping Mum at a craft show so we had dinner and birthday cake tonight in his honour. I'll do something special with him tomorrow.
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The HoJo's said...

Oh, I feel famous ;o)
I also popped to Rumens on Saturday and bought a couple of things including, wait for it, an old number plate!