Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Son

Happy birthday to my third child and second son, The Hair, who turned 17 today.
I'll post a pictorial tribute tomorrow.
Today we went up to Bunbury with Sport Boy to see WALL-E, a very enjoyable film, then met up with Mrs HP and Mum who had been at a craft fair all day, then went out for dinner at a restaurant of The Hair's choice. A noodle bar. He would not be tempted nor disuaded. Unfortunately for him the waitress interpreted my request that his seafood mee goreng be ultra-mild on the spicy scale as meaning get him something that will burn his mouth and cause him to break out in a sweat!
Ice cream for dessert soothed the fire!
Tonight I attempted to buy him a ticket to a rock concert on ebay but we got outbid, despite timing our run to the last couple of minutes.
There's one more left on ebay that closes tomorrow night so we'll try again then.

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday J. I hope you had a great day.. Noodles & Ice Cream ....... mmmmmmmmmm! Gary D.