Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Scrabble Group

There was a shift in the cosmos tonight, the delicate balance of the universe was disturbed, or my universe at least. I lost my first game tonight at Scrabble Group! This is a rare occurrence and the ladies took great delight in my defeat! Sue (top right) did the damage, courtesy of two seven letter words and their 50 point bonuses, the first of them on a triple word score! I had clawed my way back into the game and was planning my next move when I was blind-sided! She had committed the almost unforgiveable sin of Scrabble moments earlier by complaining she had too many "s"es! Not only did she have two, but also a blank, and an opening on the board, and proceeded to make "GRASSIER" for 86 points and that was the ball game!!

I was bent on revenge and redemption in my next game and Gael (bottom left) was the poor victim on the receiving end of my Scrabble wrath!
I made three 7 letter words in a row, and a 4th late in the game, racking up a score of 482 and winning by over 200 points! You can see the board in the picture, I couldn't let the moment go without a picture for the blog!!

Game three was against Marg (bottom right) who refers to me as "His Lordship", and it was a dour affair, a board full of three letter words, crammed tight for space, neither giving an inch. I eked out a 20 point win with 332! I felt better! My reputation was restored!
I was back on my Scrabble throne and the universe had returned to normal!!
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Zaac said...

o dear, o very very dear.