Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Sport Boy's wrist is still giving him a lot of pain, it seems to get worse late in the day and toward evening. There's little we can do except give him pain killers and even those don't seem to help much. I sat and watched Wipeout with him when I go thome from work and the snuggle and laughter helped a little. He has to go back to school tomorrow but I'm not sure how he'll cope. He has a low pain tolerance threshold.

I went back to work today, thankfully it was quiet, with the kids coming back tomorrow. I had a long post mortem of the grand final with Chris, who apart from being a Hawthorn fan is a good bloke! There'll be more reminders and taunts to come over the next few days I'm sure!

I finished another painting tonight, one that I started at the retreat at New Norcia last week. It's similar yet different to other recent stuff and I'm not sure whether I like it but there's so0 much work and detail in it I'm not about to paint over it even if I conclude I don't!
I was watching/listening to Enough Rope while I was painting, what a contrast!
His first guest was Imran Khan, the former cricketer, a highly intelligent and articulate man who may one day be Prime Minister of Pakistan.
His second guest was Kevin Bloody Wilson, a foul-mouthed racist yobbo! He denies the racist tag but I'm not sure how, his songs are full of offensive terms and attitudes towards indigenous people, and many others besides.
Australia has a long history of yobbo comedians and characters, many of whom, like Paul Hogan and Sir Les Patterson are very funny without crossing the line. Wilson doesn't just cross the line, he jumps up and down on it's grave! As you can tell I'm not a fan.
Somehow, one of his albums sold 3 million copies! As Mrs Holt Press remarked as she took her leave, "That's a worry!"

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