Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Country Week Report

Wednesday arvo in Freo, the kids are playing QZAR and I'm blogging!
Country Week is going pretty well so far. Sport Boy's team have played 6 games for 3 wins 2 losses and a draw. Their play has improved with each game and this morning's game against Albany was a ripper that they were unlucky to lose 2-1. Sport Boy has played well but gotten knocked down and injured multiple times! I'm trying to remind him that it is a contact sport and encourage him to bounce back up rather than staying down on the ground. He seems to take it as a personal insult when someone tackles him!
They play two games each day and we've had plenty of spectators. Mum, Mrs Holt Press and Favourite Daughter have all been to watch him play.
In between games there is a bit of a gap so yesterday we took them tenpin bowling. It was an expensive exercise! At one stage Adam had an 8-10 split and I rashly said "I'll give you $10 if you get that!" It's a very difficult shot, the sort of thing you might fluke 1 in a 100 times. So, you know what happened of course, he knocked them both down and the kids erupted in cheers and laughter and I had to cough up 10 bucks!!!

We kept them at camp last night while the older kids went to the movies so that's why they've come to QZAR today.
We've been working hard to get them to bed on time and keep their fluids up and their diets healthy in order to perform at their best.
Sport Boy is having a great time.

Two days to go.

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Zaac said...

lucky you didn't say fifty bucks!