Saturday, October 11, 2008

In the Wars Again!

Mrs Holt Press has gone to Northam for the weekend on a training course, leaving me in charge of the bairns.
You know this story is not going to end well.
Sport Boy went round to play with Ben yesterday.
They were riding the scooter.
He tried a "bunny hop".
His wheel got stuck in a drain cover.
He fell over, landing on his outstretched hands.
He got some minor gravel rash and badly jarred his wrists.
He's been in HUGE amounts of pain and discomfort.
Two trips to the hospital, one last night, another this morning.
The x-rays don't show any breaks but the pain is still really bad so he's in a cast for a week, feeling pretty miserable.

Mrs HP may never go away again!

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