Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday in the City

I received a phone call this morning with sad news, another young person killed themself in a car crash in Busselton on the weekend. Rhonda, who rang me, lost her son Kori a couple of years ago so she was experiencing a whole new wave of grief. I liken it to having the scab ripped off a wound that was slowly healing. I don't think I knew the boy who died, he was in his early twenties I believe, his parents are friends of Rhonda's.

Favourite Daughter and I spent the day driving around Perth doing work on the CSRC. I gave a presentation to a group of students at Shenton College to enthuse them about coming on the camp and they responded positively. I received another call this morning, from Bunbury HS asking if they too could be included in the camp. The interest and numbers are growing steadily.

We found a couple of likely campsites for the two nights but have to follow with the beauracracy to get them approved.

After dinner tonight Warren and I went to the Luna for the Monday night double to see √Źn Bruges" and "half of "Where in the world is Osama Bin Laden?", we had to leave before it ended because Warren starts work early in the morning and needed to get to bed.

Callum, aka BBQ Sauce Boy had braces fitted today and was having a lot of trouble and discomfort adjusting to them tonight, eating dinner was a slow and painful process. I told him that if it weren't for braces his Mum and I wouldn't be such close friends. When we were still at school Sal had to come down from Moora to Midland every few weeks to have her braces tightened and I would go out to Midland to meet her and hang out on those Saturday mornings. That led to visits to the Hudson family farm, I would hitch-hike up and back and stay for weekends.

Talking of close friends, Phil and Julie and their kids in Afghanistan have been having a pretty stressful time recently with an aid worker friend of theirs having been shot dead, foloowed by the murder of three foreigners a few days later. It is a difficult place to live at the best of times, let alone when you are a target for the Taliban. They have been trying to work out what to do, stay or go, and what future they have in Afghanistan. I encourage my readers to pray for their safety. You can read Phil's blog for the full story. A matter of life and death is not a cliche for them, it's a reality.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marcus,
You live and in interesting life as I occasionally check out your blog. Did Geelong win the title again this year?
I think you you often and all of your family. I certainly hope we have the opportunity to meet again in this life.
Love ya!
Skip J

Marcus said...

G'day Skip
Great to hear from you. Sadly Geelong got beaten in the Grand Final despite only losing one game all season! Zachariah went to the game in Melbourne.
I've been thinking lately it would be great to see you. Let's hope.
Love Marcus