Monday, October 27, 2008

Chatteau d'Taffrail

I'm staying at Chatteau d'Taffrail, aka. Sally and Warren's place. I was a bit later getting away from Busso than planned, making me half an hour late for the beach mission meeting, thankfully they're a forgiving group, and I wasn't the latest to arrive, one girl was lost for an hour!
We made some good progress at the meeting, agreeing on a theme, the material for the dramas and a bunch of other stuff. Each year as the time for beach mission approaches I have mixed feelings of anticipation and dread. We love going to Augusta and have many years of happy memories of good times spent with family and friends. But there is a lot of work to do in preparation and as one of the team leaders a fair amount of responsibility falls on me, thus the dread! The work on its own wouldn't be that big an issue, especially now that we share the roles around the executive, but it comes at the busiest time of the year for me. The Cool School Race Camp in early December is my biggest program of the year, then comes the Christmas rush before we all converge on Augusta on New Year's Day.

After the meeting I checked in at the chatteau, had a couple of games of ping pong with Warren then enjoyed a beautiful lamb roast for dinner, cooked by Warren. Then I went out to the movies and saw the Coen brother's latest film, "Burn after Reading"" which was typically off-beat and strewn with black humour and sudden violence. I laughed and recoiled in about equal measure.

Tomorrow I'm hooking up with Favourite Daughter and we're going to do camp reconnaissance together. It's always good to have company for that, bouncing ideas and suggestions around.

Here are a couple of recent pics. The first is of my cousin John and I. He dropped in unexpectedly on Wed arvo. I say unexpectedly because he lives in Shepparton, central Victoria, and he came over on his motorbike for an annual GTR ride and meet. He is a big fan of long distance motor cycling. When we were kids and all the Holt and Gallagher cousins would spend holidays together at Nathalia John was the coolest of them all. Being the oldest was only part of it. We all wanted to be like John. Years later when I was a teenager and living at Rosewood with Dad and Julie John and I used to hang out a bit. He worked at nearby Amberley airforce base and would take me to the movies there on Saturday arvos at the staff cinema.
We've lost touch over the years as often happens, catching up on mutual news via Dad and Auntie Merle but we did get to see him in Shepp last year when I took my long service leave.

This is my most recent painting which I've brought up to Perth with me to enter in an Art Exhibition at Metro Church, the church that Favourite Daughter goes to. It's a combination of a elements from a few different styles I've been doing over recent months and includes some mixed media in the shape of metal pieces, buckles, buttons, clasps etc which I bought at the auction last week. It started with ink trails and splotches followed by the square and rectangular shapes in hot glue. Then came many layers of paints of different colours and textures as I experimented and sought the "right"balance and combination of effects. I applied the metal pieces with hot glue. Finally I added the various more detailed patterns and coloured lines, dots, shapes and words to achieve the final effect. I painted over and re-worked many of the squares before I was finally satisfied. I'm happy with it, I hope the judges will be too!


Peter said...

G'day Marcus, John rang me from Eucla to ask whether it would be OK to call and see Vicki, of course I said yes, so I knew he had caught up with you and by now he may have also seen Zac.

Zaac said...

missed me, he was here tho.