Friday, October 17, 2008

Personalised Plates


I know they're a bit hard to read in the collage , just click to enbiggen and they're much easier to read. See if you can work out which is my favourite.

Just in case you were wondering, no I haven't given up on my hobby of taking pictures of personalised number plates, as these pictures attest. People are often bemused when they see me pull out my camera or phone and take a picture of the back of a car, especially if its theirs!
The number plates blog has been sadly neglected but the photo collection has grown to vast numbers, it's amazing how many people have their own plates.
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Anonymous said...

The yellow "Her VRX" belongs to a dance teacher here at school. I was a passenger in it once and she drives it like she stole it.
The little black "Hansom" belongs to a guy who was a Ed Ass at Newton Moore. His surname is Hansom.
Hope the term has started well for you
Dave @ BSHS

The HoJo's said...

bigtruk gets my vote :o)
oh, and hello from a random stranger/lurker/fellow busso blogger with a personal plate

Marcus said...

G'day Dave.

Hojo's on the money, Big Truk is the winner! What's your plate Hojo?
If it's in Busso I've probably got a picture of it!


The HoJo's said...

I've only had the plate a month, CHJ, short and sweet.