Sunday, October 26, 2008

Plan B

I should be in Perth but I'm not. I changed my plans after a busy day, a long night in the taxi and limited sleep. I missed Nonna's 50th birthday party tonight but I'll see her tomorrow when I go up for the Augusta exec meeting. I'll be in the city for 2-3 days, doing some prep work for the Cool School Race Camp and possibly going to a PD workshop on self-abuse on Tuesday night.

I cruised a few garage sales around lunch time and got a few good deals: most notably a big solid work bench for the shed for $50-it used to be the front counter of the old Busselton police station! Canvasses, dvds, books, the board game Risk (which I've never played) and best of all some MS Office software which I was able to install on the new pc and laptop, the trial versions having expired and the new price being prohibitive. For all its faults, Word is a familiar and comfortable program to use and 95% of the work I do and files I create are Word docs. I had a great time talking to Mac and Susie, the proprietors of the main garage sale I went to, in fact I was there for close to an hour, talking, joking, haggling and discussing the big issues of life in Busselton.

A late arvo nap prompted the change of plans. The evening was spent playing private taxi to The Hair and his mates, picking up takeaway Thai food for dinner, painting and watching the second part of the Bob Dylan documentary on SBS. The word "unique" could have been invented for Dylan, what an interesting character!

Daylight saving kicked in about an hour ago so it's even later here now than it really is.
I need to leave for Perth by 11.00 in the morning.

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