Friday, October 31, 2008

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You too can achieve this attractive effect with the simple application of an orange bag and a little pressure.
Marty showed me this trick at Kilmany Park 20 years ago and I still love it, as did Sport Boy when I showed him the other day.

I am pleased to report, to Mr Hojo, and all other misguided Gooner fans that Tottenham's revival took another step forward this morning when they came from behind to draw 4-4 against the old enemy at Emirates Stadium. I missed it but it's good to have mates like Dave who kindly recorded it for me. I will enjoy watching it some time over the weekend.

I'd planned to post a few photos from Perth tonight but Favourite Daughter borrowed the camera today and appears still to have it.

The Hair should be "home" now, at the Robinsons. He went up to Perth today to go to the Machinehead concert, his birthday present. After various dramas his ticket from ebay turned up this morning and he took the bus to Perth at lunchtime.
I've just swapped a couple of text messages with him and can report that "It was mental". I believe that means it was good/enjoyable/satisfactory/worthwhile. I daresay I would have found it none of the above!

I met the person who got the job I recently applied for today. I didn't enjoy the experience or the feelings it stirred inside me. I don't think I've fully dealt with it yet!!
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The HoJo's said...

I am sure Mr Hojo will have a suitable response shortly ;o)

Peter said...

You May Not Be Reading Your Bible Enough If . . .

. . . you open your Bible to the Gospel of Luke and a WWII Savings Bond falls out.
. . . your favorite Old Testament Patriarch is Hercules.
. . . you’re frustrated because Charlton Heston isn't listed in either the concordance or the Table of Contents.
. . . you think the Minor Prophets worked in the quarries.
. . . you think Abraham, Isaac & Jacob had several hit songs during the 60's.

The HoJo's said...

It is a bit sad when Spurs fans react like they have won the world cup, when they managed to pinch one point from their local rivals. It is a shame they got rid of Ramos, I think he would have made a great championship manager.

Mr Hojo