Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Country Week Update

Day three at Country Week, progress report.
Weather: Bad unless you're a farmer. Cold, wet, windy, stormy, wintery. Not so bad for us hardy souls from down south but spare a thought for the indigenous kids from the Kimberley whose first experience of Perth is Arctic weather.
Some of the mes I watched yesterday were played in appalling conditions. I think there'll be fierce competition for the indoor sports coaching jobs next year!

Buses: !!!!! The two charter drivers, who coincidentally happen to be women, have been inept to the point of jeapodising our program. We were due to leave for 10 pin bowling at 5 yesterday arvo, the buses arrived at 5.30, and then proceeded to go completely the wrong way and end up stranded in peak hour traffic right in the centre of the city! Consequently we had to cancel bowling and go straight to dinner at Joondalup. I sat down with them for 20 minutes to clarify times and directions over dinner. The result? They got lost again on the way home!
NB. Hogs Breath Cafe was good as usual although the kids struggled to get through the monstrous servings of Missisippi Mud Cake for dessert, which we had bought for them as compensation for missing out on the bowling.

Health: One kid has gone home with his foot in a cast, although to be fair, he did the damage playing football in Busso before he came. I took him to the hospital yesterday for x-rays. They put him in plaster and gave him crutches. This morning I dropped him off at the train station. He's happy cause he'll get to which the EJ Whitten game on TV tonight!
One or two other knocks, twists and strains, all of a minor nature.

Accommodation: Good, apart from the cold shower yesterday morning! The manager is not happy cause he spent $500 getting the three hot water systems serviced the week before we came! He's sorting it out today.

Hire Car: I got upgraded to a Commodore Omega. Apparently that's a good thing judging by the look of expectation on the face of the woman at Hertz when she gave me the news. I smiled and said "thanks" as if I knew just what an impressive gesture this was. I didn't.
The car is nice, and powerful, I've spun the wheels twice taking off from the lights but I'm blaming the wet roads.

Catering: Sunday night, arrived at Dominos to pick up our 110 pizzas to be met with confusion and head scratching. "We rang you half an hour ago to confirm pick up at 7.00"
No you didn't! I rang you at 1.30 and confirmed the details, 110 pizzas, 6 o'clock, $795.
More confusion: "We cooked those for you last Sunday night!"
Sorry boys, your mistake, when will my pizzas be ready?
OK, but this time you deliver!

Post sccript, in discussing this situation with a certain other CW manager from an unnamed school called Newton moore, they picked up their/our pizzas from the same Dominos at 6.00! And sure enough the number Dominos rang at 5.30 to confirm the order belonged to him!
It turned out ok, the kids got fed.
I treated the staff to a selection of gourmet pizzas from Chelsea Pizza for which they were grateful and appreciative.

Meanwhile the lunches arrived on time and correct yesterday and thw two late inclusions received the lunches of the two late withdrawals, one of whom even had the good planning to have the same Christian name as his replacement.

Today the weather looks clearer and brighter although as I look out the window I see there's a a bank of nasty black cloud looming on the horizon.
Just got to buy some footy shorts for a kid who needs them, pick up some ice, and head for the sports grounds.

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