Monday, June 15, 2009

The People You Meet

Mrs HP is home safely from her weekend in Northam but she has a very early start in the morning, getting up at 4.30! She has to drive VTES up to Bunbury by 6am so she can catch the train to Perth as she flies home to Germany tomorrow. It's been hugs and goodbyes from friends and people all weekend.

I spent the morning in bed after driving the taxi last night, and the afternoon on roster at the gallery. One couple who visited the gallery turned out to be from Ballarat and when I told them I was planning to take the kids on the footy trip up to Ballarat for a a day and night while we're in Victora they gave me a number of names and possible leads on people who might be able to arrange some accommodation for us. It turned out that the bloke is involved with the Vic Country U18 football team who play in the National Championships so we may meet again at Docklands in a few weeks, and perhaps in Ballarat too.

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Anonymous said...

Hey mate... Darlow here. Need to get in touch. Can you call me on 0422232244?

Bless ya