Saturday, June 06, 2009

Just the Ticket!!


I got tickets to the StKilda/Geelong game today! After the disappointment of yesterday when it looked pretty hopeless I've been on a high all day!

I logged on this morning chasing a couple more tickets to the Cats v Eagles game on Sunday and buoyed by success there I randomly tried the website for tickets to round 14. Imagine my surprise when my request for 1 ticket went through! Emboldened I tried for two more, and got them as well. For the next 10 minutes I kept buying tickets two at a time until I had all we need for the Footy trip.
By this time I was full of bravado and proceeded to buy 6 more for Patesy who will be over there and is chasing tickets. He was pretty stoked when I told him the good news when I got to work.
I even rang Cam in Melbourne and told him to get on the web if he wanted to get tickets.
All day I've been sharing my good news with people, pretty much everyone I spoke to in fact!!
The boys on the trip were very happy when I informed them we had tickets to the biggest game of the year.
And there was more good news when I heard back from a high school in South Australia to say they would be happy to accommodate us for the couple of nights we'll be in Adelaide on the way home.
It's all good!

BTW, did you hear the good news? I got tickets to the Cats/Saints game at Docklands in round 14!!!!!!! Wooohooo!!!!!


Anonymous said...

good news,

will all of the crew be in different spots at the game then?

Marcus said...

Yeah they will, in pairs, though not very far apart.

Anonymous said...

Oh MARCUS..tried to join a blog with you and MEL MARTINEZ but NO GO!
You have nothing to join cause you already got the TAKERS!
You got the VERKER and and BOAKER with HARCOYAN- - CONYANDO!
And you got the NYE- DOT- COMIA with PIA- ONO - HOSYMCA !
Why bother?
LOUISIANA already gave the books BAZZELECO - ATOMIC- BRENT!
And that's a ROBLESS PARK and SYYZIN with CAPESSIN and my bro- RICK'S SETAIN!
And now they got the BIDDE with the BEFOR- CONIZZE!
He's on PHOCKST with your QUEEN.