Friday, June 12, 2009

Work Work Work

Spike and VTES are away on a school retreat so the house is quiet and not subject to loud unpleasant music for a couple of days.
Mrs Holt Press is going to Northam in the morning for another one of her training weekends.
That will just leave Sport Boy and I to fend for ourselves. He has a busy weekend planned, tennis Friday night, soccer Sat lunchtime, country week try-outs Sat arvo and tennis in Bunbury Sunday arvo. The life of the modern 11 year-old!

I've been busy at work trying to get things ready for country week which starts on June 28. It has been more difficult than usual this year for a variety of reasons so I'll be glad when it's all done and we're on our way.
The footy trip to Melbourne is immediately following country week so I need to be ready for that as well. I got tickets for the Crows v Dockers game at Footy Park today. There is the minor issue of swine flu to deal with but I'm hoping that the hype will settle and we'll be OK.

Thursday night is volleyball night, I played one game and umpired two tonight. It was my best game of the season so far, I even managed to hit a few decent spikes and make some blocks and my serve was cranking along nicely.
There's a masters footy game in Margaret River tomorrow night which I'm hoping to play in, I'm not driving the cab until Saturday night so I should be available.

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