Thursday, June 04, 2009

Can he Fix it? Yes he Can!

Mrs Holt Press and I went to see the new Russell Crowe movie "State of Play" last night and both really liked it. It's a political thriller with a journalist as the central character and plenty of surprise twists and turns to keep you guessing.
Tonight we went to our new home group with Stu and Deb from church. I haven't been part of a home group for several years, since before we moved to Busselton in fact so it's good to get back into it. We discussed what it means to be a man, and a dad, cause Stu went to a blokes camp on the weekend and had some interesting experiences. Coincidentally my Dad rang while we were there; he was returning my call as I needed to ask him a favour, which he seemed happy to grant me. No doubt I'll hear about it in comments if he wasn't!

The biggest news of late is that I have succeeded in repairing my computer. It crashed a while ago and has been largely dysfunctional since. I took it in for repair but they told me it was a software problem and they couldn't fix it. I rang the NEC helpline but they were pretty limited in their ability to assist. I bought an external hard drive to back up all my files/pictures/music but the computer wouldn't talk to it! However, I persevered, used a second XHD to transfer everything from the PC to the new XD via the old XHD and the laptop!
Several hours of moving many Gigs of data later and plenty of double checks to be sure I had everything, I was finally ready to tap the F8 key and hit "Repair Computer". After that it was pretty straightforward and quick. I had a nice clean new computer again which seems to do everything it's supposed to. Next came the reloading of programs, Office, printers etc.
I haven't uploaded the music and pics and stuff yet, hopefully it too will go smoothly.
This is the biggest job I've ever undertaken on a computer and I'm feeling pretty pleased about it, as are the rest of the family who once again have access to it.

I'm now sitting in front of the TV watching the replay of the State of Origin and enjoying seeing Queensland belt the cockroaches.

Sport Boy spent another day at home today but the good news is he is much better and looking forward to going back to school tomorrow, which just happens to be the day of their winter carnival, and his debut playing footy for the school. He's played soccer all his life so he's pretty excited about the change of code.

Oops, NSW have just scored another try and the maroons are only 6 points in front!

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Zaac said...

cockroaches got squashed.. no fear.