Friday, June 05, 2009

Blogpost # 1000

This is my 1000th post on Holt Press 2. What a shame it's so unexciting!

I've been blogging for a little over 4 years.

I have "countless"readers, by which I mean, each time I count them, there are less.

I originally posted on "Holt Press" but was unable to transfer my original posts when I made the change to the newer version of Blogger a couple of years ago.
You can go back and reminisce about the good old blog days here.

My success at computer repair appears shortlived! I seem to have a virus that wants to install large quantities of mystery stuff and has caused my anti-virus software to run away and hide! The joys....

Sport Boy survived his footy debut, and according to Mrs Holt Press he loved it. Sadly he came down with a bad headache again tonight so we'll have to see what shape he's in in the morning.

I finished booking all the tickets for the Melbourne Footy Trip today. I ended up having to pay a bit more than we wanted which means either raising the price a bit or reducing some of the stuff covered in the trip. Either way it will still work out very cheaply. There was some disappointing and frustrating news today. Despite the AFL and Ticketmaster websites saying tickets to the St Kilda v Geelong game wouldn't be on sale until June 19, it now appears they are sold out!!!!!!
I am not happy!
It makes the AFL's refusal to move the game from Docklands to the MCG all the more annoying. Some 50,000 people will miss out on the chance to see the most anticipated game of the season.
As much as I love AFL football, there are times when I really don't like the way the game is run!
At this stage I can see me and the kids hanging around outside the stadium watching the game on the big screen and hoping to get inside for the last quarter!

At least I'll get to see the Cats this weekend when they come to Perth to play West Coast, although again, sadly, the game is sold out and I could only get two tickets when there were 6 of us wanting to go. Everyone wants to see the Mighty Cats!

Seeing as we're talking football, here's another Dennis Commetti quote:

Matthew Carr and brother Josh played for Fremantle and Port Adelaide respectively and both wear the number 9. Inevitably they were bound to collide one day.

"That's a tough one for the umpires. A two Carr collision and both with the same rego"

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